The Fine Art Wedding Album

(these aren't my images, just for presentation purposes)

This album is included in wedding package PLAN B
(if you booked PLAN A the pricing of this album is 600 € ttc)

Album size: 25 x 25 cm
Pages: up to 60
Cover: photo frame or engraving
Box: not included (68€ ttc)

How many photos should you choose for the 60 pages?  min 75 & max 95


You can choose between these 10 colours:


1. Natural Beige | 2. Asparagus Green | 3. Slate Blue | 4. Dark Chocolate Brown | 5. Velvet Red | 6. Birch | 7. Vanilla | 8. Golden Dust | 9. Plum | 10. Champagne

Parents Copies

Would you like to order any copies for your parents? * (delivered in a simple unbleached 100% organic cotton bag)

280€ htva for 1 Small copy in 15 x 15
350€ htva for 1 Medium copy in 20 x 20
550€ htva for 1 Large copy in 25 x 25

*Copies are NOT included in your wedding packages.

How should you proceed?

You can do the image choice on your own or you give me the permission to select the right photos to tell your story.

If you do it, then please put the numbers in an EXCEL or NUMBERS file starting by 1. (no title)
Mail it to me, then fill out this form. THANKS!

Photo or engraving. If you choose photo, please fill in also the image number. If you chose engraving, please specify the text.
Number and name of the colour above
With a maximum of 80 pages 4€ htva / page
Price: 68€ ttc
This is an exact copy of your own album.
ALBUM SIZE (parents duplicate)

If you have any questions please send a mail to