Hi there!



I'm Véro.

I live in Luxembourg (in a small town called "Mullendorf"). I'm a super-lucky mother of two beautiful kids (a boy & a girl).

When I was a teenager, I found a family album. I took a look at it and was caught by every single image. I'm sure that this album had a huge impact on my life. Sure, I wanted to become an artist, but I was not thinking about being a photographer.

Now, 2 decades later, I work as an independent photographer and I LOVE it!

" I do not take pictures, I capture emotions... "


Let's meet and drink a coffee (or two), If you share this attitude :)

Love hearing from you,



PS: and I'm sort of a undercover-natural-light-ninja-photographer. Always present, always there, but without annoying anybody... :)

Find my CV & BIO here