PRECIOUS FLUSH MOUNT ALBUM L including 30 pages (only for wedding package B)


Please choose between:

25x25 cm (square)

35x25 cm (landscape)

25x35 cm (portrait)



Please choose your colour:


Choose between a Stamp or an Image Cover.


How many images should you pick?

Choose between 40 & 60 pics (max).

(Please put the numbers in an Excel File starting by 1)



Would you like to order any copies for your parents?*

350€ htva for 1 Small copy in 15x15 or 15x18

450€ htva for 1 Medium copy in 19x19 or 19x27

650€ htva for 1 Large copy in 28x28 or 28x33

*Copies are NOT included in your wedding packages.