Everything you should know BEFORE THE WEDDING.

RELAX… everything will be just GREAT!

    Why I love the getting ready…
    It’s really important for me to get into the mood of your big day, that’s why I begin your wedding coverage with the both of you getting ready!
    Before or after ceremony?
    Well, that’s a good question, but it will not be me to answer it. You have to choose if you want your “first look” the intimite way (just the three of us) or in church (in front of everybody).
    Just tell me what you prefer (but keep in mind, that this session can take 60-90 minutes).
    Exchanging of the RINGS: just show it to me.
    The KISS: Attention quick kissers! This time it has to be a loooooooong kiss (easier for me to take that great kiss shot).
    Are you the first or last to exit the church?
    Do you wish the traditionel couples pics of all your guests in front of the church?
    Just tell me at what moment do you prefer to take the pics.
    Tip: just make a list of everyone you wish to be on the photos (YOU & your parents / your siblings / your grand-parents / …)
    My photographic approach is nontraditional-artistic-photojournalistic! (a bit like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :)
    For me it isn’t about capturing every single person, it’s about telling YOUR story. I will keep “table shots” to a minimum.
    I prefer instead to capture them laughing, smiling, dancing, drinking, and having a great time.
    Please be so kind to put me on a table with your guests. (this will transform me into an undercover ninja photographer!)




What is it for?

First of all, this is the agreement between you and me, that I, Arthur & Mary will be your wedding photographer.

Secondly, I’m an artist! I like to show my work to the world! I think of your wedding photos as art and that’s why I like, no LOVE to share the best of your wedding photos on my website. In order to get new clients and to spread my work, I have to show it. Since I have no studio with big windows, I need to share my work on FACEBOOK or any other social platforms. PLEASE keep in mind that this is how our business works. THANK YOU so much for your understanding!

Some tricks and tips!

And by the way, please read this really great blog post from ROCKNROLLBRIDE  (Photos aren’t mine, but also really cool!)


YAY! You did it an now for some champagne! CHEERS!